The Kiwi Gun Blog have previously detailed the insane claims of the Police Union regarding the number of guns stolen in New Zealand each year. Media reporting the claims later had to apologize in embarrassment.

Well, for the record, here are the real numbers:

stolen guns.PNG

How Many Have Since Been Recovered?

The Blog have now asked Police how many of these guns have been recovered. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile we know that the Herald claimed“New figures show 325 firearms were seized in the financial year to June”.

The Police Union claimed that ONE district alone had seized 538.

Using their own special counting system….

Yeah. Nah.

So, assuming that Police are also recovering some of this lost property, there is NOT a sudden influx of guns into the hands of gangs from gun thefts.

There MAY be an increased willingness by criminals to casually possess them – Without fear of consequences. Because there are none to be had from our courts.

Yet the Police Union says ‘We can not arrest and prosecute our way to safer communities’. That being the ONLY time that they ever mention punishing criminals in this debate.


Here is a more detailed breakdown.

Now with new and improved total!


You will notice the southern district has a large number. This is due to one organised crime target. By offenders out serving a community sentence for their last gun charge.