After delays, complaints to the ombudsman and more delays the Police finally agreed to show us a picture of the gun that Dixon made.

Under supervision.

While the grumpy Sargent held our phone.

In case we took pictures.

Because its a state secret….

We could only see one side – the one concealing its ejection system.

Basically it used an SLR rifle grip and trigger guard. But only for convenience. The trigger was improvised and the clumsy array of bolts immediately above the grip suggested an improvised fire control system.

At a guess – full auto only and from an open bolt.

The action was held in a simply tube, much like a Sten gun. Being blow-back in operation – no extractor would be required.

The weapon was stockless and had a short barrel culminating in what appeared to be a simple, out the front silencer.

A store bought laser sight had been added to the barrel with a clamp.

The magazine appeared to be from a Ruger 10/22.

It is common for home made guns to use factory magazines as this can be a tricky to get right and saves time. This magazine was the only store purchased item that we could see.

So this weapon was indeed home made. Cannibalizing some available parts for time saving rather than need.

So not a modified sporting gun. A real home made machine gun.

The lessen: If you ban all guns – the nutters will just make them.

Here is an example of an entirely home made gun.

There are numerous DVD and book guides to home made guns. It was farcical for the Police to deny us the evidence we needed here.

Likewise the internet provides similar guides.


The lessen is the same.

Over and over again.

Crims will steal guns. Or make them. Or import them with their smuggled drugs. The ONLY answer is controlling the criminals. Not chasing shadows.