The 2017 New Zealand general election will take place on Saturday 23 September 2017.

But you can vote early – now. Around 230,000 kiwis already have.

Please make your voice heard.

Next year will be crucial for shooter’s rights.

If you want to vote for shooting as a primary issue then its NZ First for the party and National for the local seat – IF they have the best chance of beating a Labour or Green MP.

Anything to keep Labour and the Greens out.

Its important to target the rat Stuart Nash in the Napier electorate.

He STILL refuses to state his ‘new’ policy on guns after his Law and Order committee attack on shooters was kicked back by the Police Minister.

The biggest danger is Greg O’Conner in Ohariu electorate.

The ex Police Union liar who dedicated countless years to attacking us and working to undermine our rights.

If you are local then PLEASE rark up your shooting friends. Make sure that they vote and vote right.


That policy?


Find your nearest voting place HERE

One last push team.

Talk to your shooting friends.

Dont force your views on them but educate them and make sure that they vote.

Could be a close one…..

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