The Police have asked us to pass on the following document.

This is the new letter that you get when your license arrives:

Firearms Licence Card Carrier Letter new1 – SNAP messaging PDF

It no longer shows the FL number in the viewing window when folded.

The Blog had written to Police about this concern and its good to see this changed in a reasonably quick time.

Some good advice at the end here:

You should now put in place arrangements for the lawful disposal of your firearms in the event of your death; or in the event that you cease to be fit and proper to possess them for any reason whatsoever, including mental ill health.

Police do not receive notification of your death – unless volunteered by a lawyer or family.

This must change in any future legislation.

The Blog does NOT recommend recording firearms on the Police SNAP system. We do not know the security of the data storage. This is also self registration. Keep the list yourself. Back it up on a pen drive. Then in the event of theft the Police have all the details they need.

If you have not done this yet, please do it now. Go on. Model and serial number.

Go on.