Here we go again.

The Police are inventing law once more. Who needs Parliament?

This rubbish has appeared on the Police download forms page:


Now you must be a member of a club to purchase one of these electric toys.

To be clear – this is not to import the now restricted Airguns into the country. This form is just to order them from a local online supplier.

Oh and now in person in a shop as well.

Friends of the Blog have hit this idiocy before.

Auckland specialist airsoft gun shops have been told by Police that proof of club membership must be shown prior to purchase. In addition to being over 18 or with a gun license.

The Blog called ASGC today to confirm this was their policy. It is. Due to instruction from Police.

Youngs Airgun Center and Serious Shooters both just seemed confused when this was suggested. Quite rightly as this has NO basis in law.

The Blog then contacted the Officer in Charge of the Arms Act Service Delivery Group. They confirmed:

“Anyone over 18 can buy an airgun which is already in NZ – no reasons required”. 

So why are Police inventing law in their online forms and demands of shops?

We finally got hold of an Arms office. Manukau said that the policy “Sounds right” but would check and get back to us. They did so and confirmed that “What the shop told you is correct”.

Apparently a Paul Gatland at the head office in Wellington says it is so.

No Paul. It really isn’t.

We have written to Mr. Gatland to ask that he please advise us where the Arms Act justifies this new restriction. Just in case we missed it.

We also contacted The Armory. Another specialist airsoft retailer. The manager has just confirmed that they also have this policy for any counter sales.

So it would now appear that Police have been intimidating shops outside of law. Sometimes holding them to ransom, while delaying a huge import order at customs. If you want to stay in business – do what we say.

That and preying on the ignorance of many young airsoft adopters who simply don’t know our legislation.

We are waiting to hear back on the policy of the Arena.

Auckland Airsoft  replied that: “At the moment I don’t think so. Just over 18 with a valid drivers license but this is currently under review with the police and airsoft nz. As in one day you will be required to”.

Not if we check this nonsense now.

Police had recently denied that any change was being considered regarding Airsoft policy.

NZ Airsoft also replied to the question of a membership requirement: “Yes you do”. But they also acknowledged that not all stores comply.

Here is a tip…. If compliance is optional – it aint law.

Police have just notified us that: “ASG’s permit to import is allowed for the special reason that the company is selling  the imported restricted airguns only to bona fide members of airsoft clubs”.

However the manager of the Armory confirmed to this writer that the policy also applies to his sales of second hand airguns.

Amazing how utter nonsense becomes accepted so quickly under colour of law. Then, once established, is then suggested as law.

This casual abuse is just not stopping.

We must now insist on a Police Arms Act Oversight Agency. With teeth and independence.