Take a look at THIS pathetic attempt to create panic from nothing. The Dominion Post ladies and gentlemen.

“An arsenal of high-powered weapons, including fully automatic machineguns, is going on sale in a Wellington secondary school hall this weekend”. 

Newshub gathered around the biscuit with THIS offering.

“Speaking to Fairfax Peace Action Wellington spokesperson Jessie Dennis questioned whether a school hall was the appropriate venue for such an event.

“It’s time to think about whether we’re comfortable with weapons  and the people who sell them  in our city, whether it’s in our school halls or at the Westpac Stadium,” she said”. 

Radio New Zealand dribbled their own pathetic contribution HERE.

At least they allowed:

“The school said the hall had been hired out for the privately-run militaria auction for the past 25 years, without incident or outcry from parents or students.

Michael Dowling, spokesperson for the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners, said of the 1800 lots at the auction, about 10 were restricted firearms”.

These are the twats responsible for trying to drive their agenda by slandering us. Peace Action Wellington. The usual professional protesters and soap dodgers.

Here is the hero who raised this great matter for the people’s attention:


The Blog have shared our thoughts with the fear mongering ‘Reporter’ Matt Stewart

We have also written to the school’s rector to thank him for his common sense. You may wish to as well.


Twenty five years without issue.

Now THERE is a story!


We have just learned that the auction has now been cancelled for the safety of shooters.

Shooters planning to attend have lost thousands in travel and accommodation expenses.