The media have literally engineered a fear mongering narrative about a recent gun auction that was to be held in a school hall – during school holidays.

It has done this for 25 years without issue and with Police present.

After countless complaints from shooters – agreed to print an opinion piece from COLFO that sets the record straight. It is available HERE.

But they can’t leave it there. Oh no.

So they add this imbecilic ‘Poll’:


Oh Dear.

The poll is running ten to one in favor of reason and shooters rights so….


That’s right. They pulled the poll after a couple of thousand votes.

There is now NO doubt that are pushing an anti gun agenda – not the news.

They don’t want your opinion – they want to give it to you.

You may wish to make a formal complaint here:


Stuff is subject to NZ Press Council procedures. A complaint is to be first directed in writing to the editor at:

If not satisfied with the response, the complaint may be referred to the Press Council, PO Box 10879, The Terrace, Wellington, or email ( Enclose copies of the article complained of, and any correspondence you have had with us. Further detail and a complaint form are available at

We have.

Click the image below to understand more about how responsible firearm users are being attacked:


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