Those kiwi shooters with restricted firearms – requiring an additional endorsement to own – will sometimes be subject to an incredibly random check of their registered arms.

This policy seems utterly incoherent and serves only to prove that the records kept by Police – on even these few guns – are often incorrect.

So we asked Police some questions about this process.

As with similar information requests – our purpose here was obvious.

Work out the number of audits performed on endorsement holders each year.

Then determine how many crimes / genuinely missing weapons were discovered as a result.

If the answer is “NONE” – as we suspect – then stop wasting time and money on this.

Instead – Put those resources into to actually managing the Arms Act and providing a service that Police can be proud of. Not the endless delays that far too many shooters have faced.

Here is the Police reply:


(So NO random checks – except for the random checks. Got it)



Once Again…

Police can not answer a simple question that would allow us to determine the effectiveness of a policy.

NOT a law.


That is instantly changeable.

Social media has not been helpful to the Police cause.

When one shooter tells of an inspection being announced – without any prior arrangement – on a weekend evening… Others then also share their stories.

Its now very hard to keep poor performance / illegal Police actions a local secret.

There are some good inspectors and some bad ones.

But the point here is that we cant tell if their efforts are of ANY value without data.

We still don’t know how shooters are selected for these random checks. But here is a tip – start a gun blog and you get one 🙂

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