The Kiwi Gun Blog has now reported our Police losing their issue firearms on several occasions. Some were found and returned to them – others not.

But we have also been getting disturbing reports of local Police losing evidence (Including forgetting over a dozen AR15 rifles on the owner’s lawn) and losing confiscated firearms that were to be returned later.

So we asked the Police for a full reporting.

Here is their reply:



Missing Some Guns There Lurch?

What happened to the two Glocks reported stolen from a court house in 2010?

We reported that HERE.

Why did Police not include that 2014 Glock in the previous Official Information Act reply?

Keep your lies straight Scahill. Or better still, just tell the truth and be accountable.

Oh and the small matter of the Glock left behind in a parliamentary toilet. Guess Lurch is not counting the guns they lose and get handed back in.

So here we are again…

No records kept OR not in an accessible form.

Ever so convenient.

But this service is pushing for the management of a total registration system?

Who does business this way?

With so little accountability?

No auditing of processes.

Basically if we need to examine the safety of Police systems then WE are expected to pay for it.

We did that before with our taxes and then again with our license fees.