The Kiwi Gun Blog are aware of many, many incidents of Police shooting innocent objects that posed no threat to them.

We have reported on their relentless persecution of buildings HERE.

Also the accidental shootings of bystanders and suspects.

But we wanted to get all these cases on the record and ready to present to Parliament come the next gun law proposals.

Here is the Police reply:



Here we go again…

When answering an OIA request – The Police just pick an arbitrary date and start there. AFTER the most / worst recorded incidents have occurred.

The Public Records Act  surely expects more of our Police. We do. The Act requires that Police:

“Create and maintain full and accurate records”.

Or as the NZ Police interpret it: “Just pick a start date that is least embarrassing because we are above the law”.

We have asked Police how they believe that they are not in breach of the Public Records Act.

We will advise if they chose to reply.

The Police Forgot this one….

The police have confirmed a diplomatic protection squad officer discharged a pistol inside an airborne VIP aircraft, but said there was no damage to the plane and former Prime Minister Jim Bolger was not on board. Mr Bolger’s former press secretary, Richard Griffin, told a Radio New Zealand panel discussion this week that the officer shot a hole in the side of the plane while Mr Bolger was on board. Police said yesterday that the incident was 15 years ago. “The DPS member followed correct procedures but due to a handling error his pistol discharged into a briefcase. The bullet lodged in the battery pack of a police radio in the briefcase.”

Easy to forget such a case eh?

Readers of the blog also remember a 9mm hole being put in the floor of the police helicopter as a result of a ”safety catch” malfunction on a Glock. One wrote to Glock USA and asked about fitting external safeties but received no reply.

Such hyper specialized Glocks do exist – but we at the Blog have never seen one issued here.

Copy of glocksafety.jpg

We have followed up with the police on that case. Stay tuned.