Here at the Kiwi Gun Blog we hear a lot of stories.

Like Police losing the firearms of shooters while in their temporary custody.

Of NUMEROUS Police weapons being handed back in to stations – on multiple occasions – after they fall out the back of Police vehicles.

Of illegal guns – taken as evidence – handed back to offenders with their other personal items.

Of Police leaving clusters of guns unattended in the hallways of hotels during VIP visits and then being asked to please secure them by Hotel security.

On and on.

So we asked Police for more information to see just how bad the situation was:



Same old – Same old….

Is it worth even asking the Police for information anymore?

What other department has NO records available with which to judge the performance of policy or professional standards?

Certainly no business in the real world.

Once again – ZERO accountability.

Of course question number one relates to Police leaving numerous AR15 rifles on the lawn of a gun dealer after a nuisance warrant was served. Then driving off.

It looks like the Blog will need to continue to use the mainstream media to get the answers shooters need. We have more interviews about this case tomorrow. Its not going away.