Police are seeking feedback on their proposed changes to the storage of firearms.

Apparently they have given us a very short period of time to respond so please download the material below, have a read and then let them know your thoughts.

There are no contact details provided here but this email is buried in the news page:

So send your responses HERE.

Consultation – Secure storage requirements for firearm licence holders

Date Published:
November 2017

New Zealand Police is seeking feedback on two versions of a draft document regarding the secure storage requirements for firearm licence holders. Feedback is to be provided by 1 December 2017.

For further information, please visit Firearms’ News and Updates section.



The Kiwi Gun Blog would suggest that every respondent also insist that Police push for a ten year mandatory minimum, non parole sentence for the theft of firearms in New Zealand.

If criminals want in – they will get in.

Unless they are afraid to try.

Here are more details from the News page:


Final document planned for mid December.

This proposed change is of serious concern:

‘A’ category arms are now to be split into types.
This is NOT in accordance with law.
It is a dangerous precedent separating semi auto .22s from other sporting arms.
As has been pointed out – this also has serious ramifications for those renting who can not install safes.


Do not use the email that Police had posted for feedback before.
It was wrong.
The one above is updated.
They give us no time to reply, then almost hide the email needed to respond, then give the wrong one.
Almost as if they are trying to make shooters give up on submissions out of frustration.
Please resend anything that you sent before 11.232.17

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