Not even surprised anymore…

The Hamilton woman who shot her flatmate during a night of drug abuse has been given her pathetic sentence for what a judge called a “spontaneous moment of stupidity”. 

Tiffani Jade Sutcliffe, 23, was sentenced to only three years and one month jail by Justice Christian Whata in the High Court in Hamilton.

She had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of the manslaughter of Rhys Gordon Williamson by reckless discharge of a firearm.

Anthony Brett Clegg had obtained the illegal gun from an associate, along with a metal box containing shells, which were left on the kitchen table.

Long story short, Sutcliffe was about to have a threesome with her girlfriend and the victim.

The latter had entered the room holding a single-barrel, top break 12-gauge shotgun.

They began to play with it.

She then took the weapon from him and pointed it directly at him.

Then she asked if it was loaded.

And then she pulled the trigger.

Standing just two metres away, Williamson, 40, took the full blast in the side of his chest, just underneath his armpit.

He apparently uttered the answer, “Of course it’s loaded, you stupid slut” before collapsing to the ground. He died shortly afterwards.

After Williamson was shot, Sutcliffe wrapped the gun in a towel and concealed under a bush near the driveway outside the house.

She then dragged Williamson’s body to the front step before calling 111.

According to the Stuff website: In subsequent interviews with police, Judge Whata said Sutcliffe was not forthcoming with the truth and told officers the weapon used had been a makeshift pipe that had been fashioned into a firearm and it had discharged after the end of the pipe had been tapped with a hammer.

The police launched a manhunt for Clegg, who was eventually located and arrested. He pled guilty to a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm and was jailed for two years.

For the illegal possession of a gun that killed someone.

No word on his ‘Associate’ who provided the weapon. Surely failing to reveal this should add time?

In sentencing Justice Christian Whata said although Sutcliffe’s actions had been reckless with the highest level of consequence, her offending was less serious than previous cases where the defendant had sought out or loaded the gun themselves.

He began with a starting point of four years and six months jail and allowed for a guilty plea and personal circumstances.

“You actions were a spontaneous moment of stupidity”.

Ummm…… There seems to have been a few of those.

Do illegal drugs around illegal guns.

Be reckless.

Kill a human.

Hide the gun.

Move the body.

Lie to Police.

The judge imposed no minimum non-parole period.