Its taken seven months of Police game playing.

A lot of back and forth with the Office of the Ombudsman….

But the Police have finally answered these two important questions:




So of the last 100 incidents of serious gun offending – only two involved MSSA rifles.

If the Police had answered this question WHEN IT WAS FIRST PUT TO THEM then there may well have been NO MSSA rifles shown to have been used in crime.

There was a well publicized case – after this time – where it appears as though a wanted criminal had illegally imported a rifle that he then used in a criminal incident.

Of the last 100 incidents of serious gun offending – only ONE involved a licensed firearm user.

That puts us in a tie with our Police.

We have asked if he was the licensed owner in question.

Even when they play with figures – the truth is clear.

Licensed shooters are not an issue.

So called MSSA rifles are not an issue either.

Oh and Police record keeping is still a bad joke.