The walking anti gun agenda is at it again.

Apparently ONE cuck complained about a Gun City mail drop that advertised airguns. Their headline:

Gun shop urges parents to buy their children weapons to ‘keep them active’

We are told that Wellington man Michael Carey was angry about the leaflet, which his children had found in the letter box. He believed it put New Zealand on a “dangerous slippery slope” in comparison with the United States.

Father-of-three Michael Carey said he was “pretty angry” after his children found the flyer in their letterbox on Saturday morning.

He went on….

“It’s bad enough in New Zealand that the prevalence of guns seems to be increasing, but blatant promoting to children of using guns in their backyards crossed so many lines,” Carey said.

The accompanying advertising slogans of “great gift ideas to keep them active this summer” were clearly aimed at getting young children to pick up weapons.

Right. Thanks Mr.Carey.

Shooters immediately mocked the fake news and its language.

Not just the ‘Urging to weaponize children’ but also a later reference to ‘ballistic weapons’. We think that means a firearm.

The story featured their usual negative framing of gun ownership and use. With the usual emotive language:

“A gun shop is defending a flyer encouraging parents to buy their kids a firearm in the leadup to Christmas”. 

‘Defending’? What? The advertising of legal goods, enjoyed by generations, accompanied by safety material?

Their website soon had the additional line: *comments on this article have been closed

No kidding. After you were called on your utter nonsense.

The work of fiction was penned by Catrin Owen for the Sunday Star Times for the Fairfax Media group. Their Facebook page is HERE. Y’all be sure to leave a review now.

Why yes, Catrin IS English. How did you guess. So is this writer. Who invited the purveyor of fake news to go back where she came from. Taking her ignorance with her.

We see that shooters are also letting her know their thoughts on Twitter.

Want to make a formal complaint about this unbalanced beat up?

Here is the editor:

Jonathan Milne – Editor 

Send copies to:

Bevan Hurley – Chief News Director

News Directors   
David Gadd (Auckland) 09 925 9937
Wayne Timmo (Waikato) 07 849 9672
Eric Janssen (Wellington) 04 474 0051
Blair Ensor (Christchurch) 03 943 2827

Let them know the damage to their credibility being done.

The NZ Herald then jumped in with a halfhearted attempt to invent a controversy.

They referenced the pre-Christmas leaflet saying that it: “…. shows a child – with an adult nearby – aiming at a back yard target”.

In reality the parent was shown hovering only inches away in the very definition of ‘Immediate supervision’.

Unbelievably Jayson Pirini told that air rifles were not appropriate for children. They were powerful and should be treated “like a normal gun”.

This is the scumbag who left a loaded, high powered airgun, unattended. His son then accidentally killed himself with it in a freak accident.

Pirini only narrowly escaped charges. But he is happy to lecture US?!

The Herald doesn’t even attribute such stories to a journalist anymore. But a formal complaint can be made HERE.

The editor of can be contacted HERE.

Public Response

It has been heartening to see the public’s response to this obvious fear-mongering.

One big yawn.