This simple idea is the single most important initiative in protecting kiwi shooters for decades.

Here is the problem….

Most shooters in New Zealand are not members of organised gun clubs.

They can be hard to reach and inform QUICKLY.

But reach them we must because numbers matter when it comes to challenging the idiocy pushed by the anti gun groups and by agenda driven politicians.

So how to attract the nation’s shooters and then KEEP them – ready to act in times of great threat?

Introducing – the Shooter’s Lottery.

You visit the page, enter your Name and email and… well…. thats it really.

You will then automatically be in the running to win prizes worth thousands of dollars.

No spam. The list is never sold or shared.

But whenever a serious threat to shooting arises – we will let you know.

We will then suggest what you can do to counter that threat.

It could be as simple as an email to your MP.

But when those emails start to arrive in the thousands……

Shooters Lottery V3

Here is what you can do to support this initiative:

1. Visit the Shooter’s Lottery website and join up.

2. Visit the Shooter’s Lottery Facebook Page.

Then click Like, and Follow and Share the page with all your shooting friends.


3. Share the Shooter’s Lottery website with your shooting friends and gun club mailing lists.

On social media and in the forums. Get the word out. The more shooters we have – the better protected we are.

4. Consider a donation to the Shooter’s Lottery.

This enables us to action some great ideas to promote and protect the shooting sports of New Zealand.

Thats it.

The Kiwi Gun Blog would like to thank you all in advance for making this a huge success!