The Police revoked 505 firearm licenses in the 2016 / 2017 period.

This is the system working.

Issues are discovered – action is taken.

The Police could not show a SINGLE case of revocation as a result of a renewal of license. Proving that the Lifetime License system was just fine and renewals are literally a complete waste of time and resources.

During this same time – 4,383 licenses were surrendered voluntarily. Shooters getting too old, moving overseas, etc.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have asked for the last ten years of this data – just to ensure that the erosion is natural.

We also asked Police for their guide to vetting – as so many different regional arms offices simply invent illegal requirements and can behave strangely in general.

Wellington HQ provided this manual in reply……

The manual is available on line here:

Or download from the Kiwi Gun Blog Here:


Interesting how this last section needed to be cropped out a little better:




We have asked Police to provide the rest of this obviously redacted section.

Stay tuned.f3