After many MONTHS of delay – the Police have finally removed the invented requirement for those ordering an airgun by mail to prove membership to a club.

This just in:

Please note the following message which has been placed in the firearms news section of our website this morning.

Change to requirements for airguns purchases

Police mail order guidelines for form S.43A previously required people to prove membership of an airsoft club when purchasing an airsoft gun. After feedback from the public, Police has reviewed this requirement and found it is not a requirement of the Arms Act. Therefore, Police has now amended the policy to remove this requirement and updated all relevant documentation. Changes take effect from today.

Mike McIlraith

Officer in Charge
Arms Act Service Delivery Group

M  +64 21 192 2172


The Kiwi Gun Blog first raised the matter with Mike McIlraith at a meeting last year. He immediately confirmed that we were correct. Yet apparently an additional ‘Review’ was then needed.

They have the time to invent new rules on security requirements – again outside of law – but apparently correcting invented nonsense takes several months.

No doubt the irresponsible senior officer responsible for this has been severely punished for breaching the law.

Yeah right.