Oh Dear.

The Police just cant seem to keep their lies straight.

Remember when the Police confirmed to the Kiwi Gun Blog that they had shot their buildings at least ten times recently? The story is HERE

Likewise repeated hits to their cars.

So how much does this incompetence cost the taxpayer?


OK so apparently every accidental discharge is reported.

Lets wait for every cops reading this to stop laughing….

…..aaaaand lets continue.


Now normally we would not accept that anyone could hit a building – while missing it.

But this IS the NZ Police.

So they have recently confirmed that AT LEAST ten buildings have taken friendly fire BUT would also have us believe there were no recorded bullet hits on these buildings? Despite responding to an Official Information Act request WITH the records – that don’t exist.

WHILE insisting that every accident is reported?

Then they fall back on the same old excuses. If two cops each have a list, then putting the lists together is considered ‘creating new data’ and they don’t have to do it. Then play with dates a little and then try to confuse the data.


Now some brave cops HAVE come under fire from criminals around their vehicles. Granted, by the same vicious criminals that they let wander off from home detention for months without capture. But still. Not a nice experience. But not a common one either.

So we wonder how many tens of thousands of our tax dollars go to repair the accidental discharges of our dangerously under-trained police.