Do you remember when Cahill from the Police Union was scaremongering about the horrific number of Police facing guns in the hands of criminals each year?


It was a scourge!

Thousands of Police dealing with repeated incidents of guns! Guns! Guns!

One example is here:

So the union claimed that 1 in 8 of the 12,000 cops in New Zealand have been threatened with a firearm in the last 12 months.

That is 1,500 police.

“For frontline officers, a staggering 1 in 5 have been threatened with a firearm”.

That is: 2,400

Yes – we will be sharing this latest grand lie with the media and urge COLFO and SSANZ to do the same.

In the Meanwhile we have contacted Wendyl Nissen and asked her to run a story correcting these numbers. You may wish to as well.

Or contact the station: Phone 0800 Newshub | Email

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Well the Kiwi Gun Blog have finally got the real numbers from the real Police.


Less than twenty.

Almost every one preventable with the threat of a serious penalty.

Many would have been replica guns or airsoft.

Likely none of these incidents would have been perpetrated by licensed owners.

Also likely – many of the offenders would already be serving non custodial sentences at the time of the crimes.

The blog have also asked the Justice Department how many people were CONVICTED of “using any firearm against a law enforcement officer” in 2017.

An offence under section 198A of the Crimes Act 1961 that includes threatening.

SSANZ also made a request and were told that 18 cases are on record. In three cases Police were fired on. Without injury. With only 12 prosecutions resulting.

We will soon put to bed both the scale of this problem AND the cause. Weak law and weaker judges.


The lies are still on the Police Union website.

still there Press Release HERE

We have also sent this to all Members of Parliament so they can decide who to trust in future.f3