This is quite unbelievable.

In the latest issue of Police News Cahill is actually whining that it is not fair to compare one country to another because context is important!



So its fair play to compare peaceful NZ to an American horror shooting for dramatic effect in the media.

Its OK to distort the failure of overseas gun regulations when seeking to impose them here.

But when the media questions the competence of his members who are killing people – then comparisons are unhelpful.

Got it.

Here is the other article he mentions:


So punishing the lawful shooter is proving a failure in the UK – so lets repeat the mistake here. Good one Cahill you idiot.

Also of note in the latest issue was this:


Remember the crim who returned with dozens of convictions, was given a gun license by lazy Police and then sold $50,000 worth of guns to a gang? Media wrote that story up as ‘Better records need to be kept – is registration the answer?’

The Blog were since told by police that this could not happen again. After their recent lies – We need to check that.

As for the Police Union’s beer and wine reviews…. You can read those for yourselves.

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