The Kiwi Gun Blog wrote to our Parliamentarians yesterday to detail the latest outrageous lies of the Police Union.

We received this reply from one of them….cunt2

Um… No.

No we wont.

Because becoming aware of our concerns is YOUR JOB. So you don’t get to opt out and just take the money.


“Please delete me from your mailing list” is NOT an acceptable response when presented with evidence of corruption from a powerful lobbyist.

You tyrannical hippy.

Eugenie Sage – listing her hobbies as ‘Growing vegetables’ – needs to be reminded of her responsibility as a Member of Parliament. She is accountable to US and not just her ruling committee.

You can contact here here:  to share your opinion.


This from the party who has a firearm policy that literally doesn’t know what country we are in. We believe they think we are Canada a few decades ago with calls for changes to our ‘Firearm acquisition certificates’. 

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