The Kiwi Gun Blog has noticed a new narrative being peddled by the Police Union’s Chris Cahill and an anti gun academic.

The new suggestion is that shooters have an undue influence on our lawmakers. 

This is likely to allow parallels to be drawn with the American NRA.

In the past the anti gun movement here have tried to suggest that our lobby is funded by and for the shooting industry. Laughable.


Marie Russell from Otago University’s department of public health was recently quoted in the media as being unhappy about shooters advising on the ‘Guns in schools’ non event. As if having the people who have run the school sport programme for over 150 years advising on new policy would not be screamingly obvious.

“From the research we’ve been doing it seems as though firearms organisations have had ready access to Prime Ministers, Ministers and MPs, that they are well organised in that lobbying and they’ve had the ear of government in this case over the Ministry of Education,” she said.

This is the same woman who staged the anti gun ‘Seminar’ in Wellington recently. Booking an anti shooter programme and repeatedly guiding the event’s direction back to the invented negative outcomes of responsible gun ownership.

She must now be added to the pantheon of our utterly dishonest and agenda driven academics.

Cahill is also now even suggesting that the American NRA are involved in our politics based on a SINGLE article in their magazine that was reporting on events here.

It has to be noted that the NRA has even inserted itself into our firearms debate labelling last year’s select committee recommendations as “onerous”, a “repugnant attack”, “burdening license holder’s rights”, ”extreme”, “misleading”, “invasion of privacy” and undermining the “right” to be armed.

The Police Union have also repeatedly complained about kiwi shooters having influence over parliament. Or ‘Democracy’ as our dead soldiers may know it.

Here he is claiming that the Police Minister bowed to our will. Click to play.

As any shooter is fully aware – we have been repeatedly screwed over by legislation that ignored our evidence based import. For many, many years.

The fact that we are changing that – little by little – is a very good thing.

What shameless deception.f3