Our reader ‘Cameron T’ just sent us an update on a case that we have been following.

Christopher Warren Corfield, 34, was jailed on Monday for two years after leading police on his third pursuit.

The high speed chases resulted in one car catching fire. He drove through red lights and on the wrong side of the road. After police spiked his tyres, Corfield drove on three rims, reaching 110 kilometres an hour.

Corfield admitted numerous charges – including unlawful possession of a shotgun and ammunition which were found in the car. Along with breaches of prison release conditions and community work.

The judge imposed a series of jail terms totaling 24 months and ordered the destruction of the shotgun and the ammunition that police found.

He could be released in August, because of a long period in custody on remand.

So once again…. A criminal with a long history, committing a gun crime, while in the community serving a mock sentence for the last time he put them at risk, then getting nothing for that gun crime.

The Police Union is silent. 

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