We know from Police figures that the number of firearm licence holders is fairly stable. But these latest numbers of surrendered licences could be an indication of why we are not growing.


Is this noticeable increase simply due to an aging population?

Or to range closures?

Philip Alpers boasts that his successful harassment of shooters in Australia has drastically reduced their numbers. We must not allow that to happen here.

We must be wary of ANY seemingly innocuous new legislation that could cut our numbers and with it our voting power. Sadly we must always ask “How can this new rule be abused to harm our sport”.

One example would be changing secure gun racks for mandated safes. As Police are now demanding. In some areas, 30% of people rent. Landlords have the upper hand and don’t need to accept ANY hassle. So if a shooter needs to drill into a wall…. They wont get the property.

Or if a shooters moves a lot then the safe will be a constant hassle.

It all conspires, in subtle ways, to force a shooter to allocate their time and limited finances elsewhere.