You are going to want to sit down for this.

Also have a trusted loved one remove scissors and other sharp objects from the immediate area.


The Kiwi Gun Blog are still working to build a complete picture of the systemic problems of our Justice system when it comes to the punishment of armed offenders.

There have been some shocking revelations but the government can still surprise:

I have been advised that less than 10% of the people sentenced to imprisonment in the table below were sentenced to a cumulative sentence (which indicates that they must have had at least one other convicted charge sentenced at the same time).  The rest were concurrent sentences, but that does not indicate whether or not there were other charges involved.


In short – less than ten percent of those FOUND GUILTY AND CONVICTED of gun crime will ever serve a second’s punishment for that.

Readers must remember that this is a cascade of failures.

Firstly only 8% of gun burglars will ever face a judge. 

Perhaps because Police don’t even attend over 10% of robberies. When they DO its days later. Or by PHONE.

In the unlikely event that a criminal IS found, then sent to a judge, then the penalty will be a joke. Remember that one offender has 46 firearm convictions.

But then, having sifted down from the initial group of offenders, then the judge makes even THAT pitiful sentence concurrent with the penalty for other offending.

So…. free.

Gun crime in New Zealand is free for over 90% of offenders who are found and convicted.

But it is unlikely they will be discovered in the first place because of Police inaction.

So why would a criminal NOT choose to acquire and use an illegal gun?

Just remember – its all YOUR fault as a licensed shooter. Even though only 1 in a 100 gun crimes are committed by a licensed shooter. The only way to stop the 99% of outlaws is by punishing YOU.f3