At a recent firearm seminar the academics were exploring new ways to attack responsible firearm ownership. One of their ploys was to suggest that gun ownership caused suicide.

Apparently guns make it all too easy to act on impulse…. Based on their ‘anecdotal research’.

We will wait while you read that again….


Unless you are using a spirit medium, that is somewhat less than scientific. We doubt that victims are leaving detailed suicide notes declaring “Just letting you know that I did this because of ready access to firearms”.

If anything, the act of taking a gun from a safe and loading it, under unsafe conditions, could trigger a re thinking of a desperate person’s actions. The sheer wrongness of that, after years of negative reinforcement, could cause pause. We don’t know.

What was NOT presented to the assembled folk at that seminar was anything remotely like evidence.

So the Kiwi Gun Blog has simply done the most OBVIOUS THING IN THE WORLD. We have compared the number of firearms owned per region to the number of suicides by firearm for those same regions. As carefully as we could.

Here is the method for those who would care to repeat it.

  1. The Police have twelve Policing regions.
  2. The district health boards that record the suicides in their area of responsibility number twenty.
  3. So we simply put those DHB districts into the Police ones and you have the following table:


You will notice that there is NO correlation between the ownership of firearms and the likely-hood of suicide. None. At all.

Districts with more guns routinely have less suicides.

Some districts with a fraction of the guns of other areas can have twice the firearm suicides – or more.

Districts with thousands of firearm owners can have none.

One districts with the same number of guns as another can have six times the other’s rate.

So clearly – OTHER FACTORS ARE IN PLAY and need to be addressed.

Now lets examine Other Methods….

As it stands now:

97% of women who take their own life DO NOT use a gun.

90% of men who take their own life DO NOT use a gun.

In the case of both genders – ROPE accounts for half or more of all deaths ruled suicide.

But apparently if all firearms are vanished away with magic – then these troubled souls will never consider switching to another method. Rubbish. If firearms were not available we would be surprised if ANY lives were saved.

In Japan, with almost no legal firearm ownership, the suicide rate is so high that train companies are billing the victim’s families for the cost of clean up.

When confronted with evidence like this the academics will always just shrug it off because they simply know the truth. In their hearts. That is the qualification for a TV psychic – NOT a scientist.

Suicide method.PNG

How are YOU Doing?

Life is hard at times. Brutal at others. EVERYONE can feel lost at times. So talk about it. If you are low – talk to a friend. If a friend is low – talk to them. Keep a circle of friends. If you shoot, chances are that you have many and a few good ones.

You dont have to act on your thoughts. They are just thoughts. Things changed to bring you low and its more than likely that they will change again – for the better. Or you can make them.

So if you need some help – fucking ask.

0800 543 354

Lifeline New Zealand


Oh and lastly, this: 

Defunded while the ‘peace studies’ fraudsters are given millions – to fake concern over suicide prevention. Disgraceful.

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