Well well….

Is it working? We are hearing that the media are starting to fact check the crooked Police Union.

They used to.

Check this out from their last member survey in 2015:


What straw grasping nonsense.

They are using the same old excuses this time around.

However you record ‘assault’ with a firearm – we have the details of those Police who were threatened with a firearm. Police confirmed a slightly lower number with SSANZ. There were twelve court cases resulting from 18 arrests.

That is a little different from the 2,200 cases that the union are now claiming!!

We are pretty confident that Police dont let threatening them with a gun slide. So we would believe the cop figures.

Oh and why did the Police union start with the year 2012 in this old press release? Hmmm. To make it look like even the modest number of incidents was on the increase? They dont miss a trick.

At a recent firearm seminar Chris Cahill, the union’s current liar in chief, told the crowd that his latest survey numbers may be out a bit because…well…. if several officers respond to the one incident…. you see…. they may all report that…. and…um…. the union’s numbers could be slightly inflated.


THAT explains the difference between 2,200 and 18?!!

The real Police refused to answer questions today regarding how many officers may be involved in a single cordon and search mission for an armed offender. But the Kiwi Gun Blog could easily see fifty needed to block off even a modest area. More?

If it then turns out to be a kid with a toy gun is that fifty respondents contributing to the union’s joke numbers?

Only 30% of officers even bothered responding to the union’s last survey.  Such is the passionate support they enjoy from the membership. We wonder how many responded this time? This and the desperate pleas in their newsletter for ANYONE to represent members at local union meetings speaks to Cahill’s credibility.

Speaking of which….

How does he get away with playing dress up as a Policemen for Public events?

We have been told that this was done after seeking ‘Permission of the commissioner’ – who approved this.

The union already use borrowed glory and the credibility of real Police to sell their lies.

So when their lies are found out – real Police credibility is damaged as well.

Its bad enough that Police don’t call out the union deception themselves!

But for our unreachable, unaccountable commissioner to support their deceit is going too far.

Unless of course, the union is doing the Police bidding when it comes to pushing for new gun laws. Good cop, bad cop. Getting harder to tell which is which.

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