The crooked Police Union has told media that their members had arrested the same offender on three occasions and each time with a different illegal gun. They later admitted embellishing the time frame for effect but we still wanted to know how bad this issue was.

So we asked for a quick and dirty top ten list. Here are the results:


The Kiwi Gun Blog have proven over and over again that the RECIDIVISM of a very few offenders is the cause of our gun crime. Here we see it proven yet again.

As is explained in the response – these are not the true numbers. They are higher.

This is also just for a period of much less than ten years.

How many more offenders have been arrested for the three times that the Police Union spoke of? The Kiwi Gun Blog would guess a LOT.

Where is the penalty? We have previously detailed how pathetic that really is.

Assuming that an offender had to serve a minute of even that pathetic sentence. Over 90% wont.

When the Aussie gang members arrive they are going to think that its Christmas.

Share this data. With friends. On social media. On talk radio. In letters to your Member of Parliament. Let change the conversation to where it needs to be.

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