Many of you will have seen THIS HEARTBREAKING VIDEO below.


Actually what the Kiwi Gun Blog were wondering was why these seized firearms – some of the highest quality and of great value – were not simply sold to lawful users to raise funds for firearm safety education.

Now we have an answer:


So there you have it.

Both the United Nations and our own government see us in the same light as a murderous African dictator. Who the hell approved this policy? As you can see from the wording provided by Police, there IS a simple ‘out’.

The government ‘Officially authorizes’ an auction. Done. Or do we need full registration of all ‘A’ category arms for this to be possible? ‘Recording’ can be interpreted in many ways.


The Kiwi Gun Blog has previously reported on the Police Minister using a UN guide to make rules for the secure storage of OUR firearms. While ignoring the same guide’s acknowledgement that owning guns for self defense is a legitimate reason.

The anaconda can only tighten around us of course…. never returning a freedom.

This situation needs to be cleared up in any future change of the Arms Act. In the meanwhile the Police will keep us safe from Olympic grade, single pellet, air rifles – worth thousands – surrendered by bewildered relatives handling the estate of a deceased person.

You will notice that the first question was avoided. Our concern was that many Police friends had informed us of appalling slackness and failed systems when it came to searching for the owners of recovered arms.

We asked if this was indeed a national concern. Only to be met with “It is standard Police best practice to…..” Yeah, try that in the real world.

Wife: “Did you put the rubbish out?”

Husband: “That would be best practice”

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