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The Kiwi Gun Blog will knock them down.

In the recent farce that was the Otago University Gun Seminar, some frothing feminists were repeating the party line that guns went hand in hand with ‘Toxic masculinity’. Or ‘Masculinity’ as they know it.

What could be done about all those men killing their partners with guns?! Just having them in the home was a veritable hostage situation!


First look below at the latest numbers for firearm license holders in New Zealand. These are broken down by Police region.

guns held march 12 2018

Before we go on – look at this qualification to the above data:


Yep. Police want to register millions of our guns yet cant even say what f$#king district thousands of owners are even living in.

To start….

The table below shows the numbers of homicide victims where firearms were used and the relationship of the victim to the offender was recorded as “Couple” including ex-partners. The information was sourced from the data used for the Homicide Victims Report.

partner abuse

Now remember – we are assuming that all the firearms involved were legally held. Many would not be. But lets skew this in favor of the opposition.

If we need to say it – ONE case is too many. But lets examine the causality. Its not hard with so few cases.

Wellington is number 7 in terms of the number of guns available in other regions – yet produces the only incident in our first year.

Eastern is number 8 by number of guns, delivering the only incident the next year.

Waitamata is number 9 of the regions and yet delivers two tragedies. (Same case?) This is the worst year on record. Regions with twice the gun ownership have half the deaths. Or none at all.

For three consecutive years there are no incidents. Then two regions ranked 8 and 10 out of 12 are the only contributors to the stats.

So there is absolutely zero correlation between the number of firearms available and their use in the death of a partner.

According to one report, there were 194 family violence deaths over seven years in New Zealand. In a huge percentage of cases there was a recorded history of abuse. We are securing an accurate number now.

THAT is the place to start looking for change if you are genuine in your intention to save lives. Police estimate that despite the insane amount of domestic violence cases that occupy their time – only 20% are even reported.

There were 41 family violence homicides in New Zealand in 2010/11. On average, 14 women, 7 men and 8 children are killed by a member of their family every year. Of those 41 homicides only 5 were killed by guns. Legal or otherwise. Academics would assume that the violence would not have occurred with out them. It likely would have.

Now lets look at the number of proceedings against offenders for ‘Threatening Behaviour’ offences against partners including boy/girlfriend, ex-partner, ex-boy/girlfriend where firearms were used and the offender was dealt with through court action.

dom threats 2018

A proceeding counts each separate occasion when Police deal with an alleged offender for one or more offences. So the same offender could appear multiple times in these statistics.

Firstly the Kiwi Gun Blog would like to say that we have a zero tolerance for any domestic abuse. The measure of a man is how much safer a room gets when he enters it. Not only with physical protection but with the emotional security that his family feels in his presence as well.

That said…. Sadly it has become almost a standard operating procedure for a bitter partner to claim that she was threatened. Knowing the damage this can inflict. We would also be amazed if ANY of these ‘threats’ actually resulted in real violence. NOT that a threat of violence is ever acceptable.

But we will take every one of these cases as genuine. Again, skewing the case in the opposition’s favor. So for 250,000 shooters – 50 threatened their partners.

The Eastern district is number 8 by number of guns owned, yet is delivering twelve times the cases of other regions with many more guns in the hands of many more men.

Wellington is number 7, yet is delivering thirteen times the cases of other regions with many more guns in the hands of many more men.

In all of Auckland city there were no cases reported.

You will notice that there is a full 15% drop in incidents from one year to the next. With no change in the number of gun owners. Everything about these numbers is random and incoherent.  

The Lessons Learned

  1. There is no relationship between the number of men with guns and the number of partners / ex partners killed with those guns.
  2. There is no relationship between the number of men with guns and the number of partners / ex partners allegedly threatened with those guns.
  3. The number of guns used in our shameful domestic violence statistics are minimal.
  4. Genuine improvements can be made in almost every other area of the problem except firearm control.


The Kiwi Gun Blog have now disproved any correlation between the availability of guns and our suicide rate.

Now we have disproved any correlation between the availability of guns and our domestic abuse rate.

What will the anti gun fraudsters in academia try next?


The Family Violence Death Review of intimate partner (IPV) deaths between 2009 and 2015 indicates that “there were police records on the IPV death event relationship for almost one-half (49 percent) of all female primary victims”.

Table 4, page 34

It should also be noted that the New Zealand Violence Against Women study found that only 12.8% of women had told the Police about their abuse:
Fanslow, J., & Robinson, E. (2010). Help-seeking behaviors and reasons for help seeking reported by a representative sample of women victims of intimate partner violence in New Zealand.

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 25(5): 929-951 (page 936).

Again – THESE are the areas that actual positive change can be made.

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