The ‘Democrats Abroad’ staged an anti gun march in New Zealand – After thoroughly indoctrinating some of our kiwi kids. The details are shown here below:

dem march

We were digging about and noticed that their official legal representative is this man:


You notice the ‘Supporting Green’ button on the top right hand corner?

Well that is there because the owner of the company is this man:


Yes – a Green Party election candidate.

So an American political party is operating in New Zealand, hand in hand with the Greens. Both represented by a law firm specializing in immigration and challenging deportations. With the Greens now actively campaigning against both guns and the government sending illegal over-stayers home.

With not ONE of the people involved in the entire process having been born here. Because they know what is best for…us?

We called Taufique to ask – politely – how much money his foreign party had paid for the march. Also if he could see how it smacked of hypocrisy for the same party to have alleged Russian involvement in their politics while doing the same in another country. Lastly, if it was not rather incestuous for his law firm to appear to be trading favors with Green MPs.

His reply? “I don’t have to explain that to anyone, least of all you”.

We will continue to inquire as to how much the Democratic Party has spent on getting our children to march for their cause. Further, what their other involvement in our schools may be as they seek to expand their influence.

The Kiwi Gun Blog are also waiting to hear back if the ‘Democrat Youth’ initiative, organised by this American party, is just for their expat American kids – or for ours as well.

We have asked the SIS if this is interference is legal. For foreigners to conspire to undermine our democracy.

Here is what they get for their money:


This idiot actually said this at the march and credited our crooked Police Union with the ‘Fact’.

Here is how you get a pistol in New Zealand:

1. Join a pistol club.
2. Serve a six month probation.
3. Get recommended as genuine by the club.
4. Apply for a ‘B’ category endorsement to a firearms license.
5. Pass a background check. No criminals, no criminal associations, no history of mental illness is allowed.
6. Police vet your security. This is of a high mandated standard.
7. Police interview four referees to your character.
8. Police interview partner to ensure no history of domestic concerns.
9. You get a license.
10. You apply for a permit to procure a gun.
11. You take this to the seller and collect the pistol.
12. You take this back to the police for registration.
13. The pistol can only go from your home to a police approved pistol club.
14. You are subject to random checks.
15. If your membership to the club lapses – you lose your gun.
16. If you shoot less than 12 times a year – at club events – you lose your gun.
17. You are subject to renewal and re vetting at regular intervals.
18. Anyone found in possession of an unregistered pistol will go to prison.

Does that sound ‘unregulated’?

The Kiwi Gun Blog contacted every Green Party region with this information. We did not receive a single reply.

Give her your thoughts if you like:

She is now promising to work on gun control in New Zealand as a priority.

This from the party with NO law and order policy. At all. But with an existing gun policy that is so confused that it thinks we are in another country. Literally. 

In the meanwhile…

Alpers is once again enjoying funding from the United Nations:

alpers fund

While other Green Party election candidates go into the media to do things like THIS.


Oh… Here is one of the local organisers from the anti gun March.

UN primed and brainwashed.


So the UN – Greens – Crooked academia and our media pushing the lockstep agenda of all. With foreign political parties now in the mix as well.

But all the media will do is to keep suggesting that the NRA somehow have influence here.

The crooks.