The Police have just called for submissions into their draft changes to the storage of firearms in New Zealand. Naturally, this is pure invention and entirely outside of law. Please take some time with a cup of tea and see if these changes effect you.

If you rent a home – they will.

Click on the image below for a direct link:


Shooters have firearm security in their home for only three reasons.

  1. To prevent kids playing with firearms and possibly hurting themselves.
  2. To prevent a casual burglar gaining access to firearms.
  3. To prevent the mentally ill from hurting themselves of others with the firearms.

Now we have a measure for anything new being proposed.

But this only works when our government ALSO honors this partnership of obligation.

Only THEY can stop vicious criminals from simply entering our homes, holding a knife to our families’ throats and demanding that ANY safe be opened. They are failing utterly in their obligations.

Look at this story from only a few days ago:

A Southland woman suffered a frightening ordeal after a man armed with a knife burst into her home demanding access to a gun safe.

Police are appealing for information about the incident, which took place in Waikaia, Southland at around 9.15pm on Thursday. 

The man struggled with the woman, who lives at a Blaydon Street property, before he demanded access to a gun cabinet. 

He is described as around 30 years old, five foot eleven with short dark hair and prominent cheek bones. 

The man was wearing a black hoodie, black CCC Canterbury pants and black DC shoes, police say.

Police are also investigating an incident where a man was disturbed in a garage of the same property. 

That is it. From MSN. Only 64 words of actual story. Now imagine if a gun was involved. You could wallpaper your home with the column inches.

One of our readers made the point that if the nation IS awash with guns as the Police Union claim – then why are our criminals using knives to rob guns?

Speaking of the crooked Police Union…. They took to media to fear monger over the number of firearms being stolen. The numbers are UP UP UP!


They did this the SAME DAY that Police posted their website update calling for security submissions. But we are sure that was a complete coincidence and is in no way suggestive of a collusion to misinform the public.

We say misinform because of THIS Police report:


In it the Police warn of the following:

111 this

So the numbers are not up at all.

The Police just started to actually do their job half way through the data being collected.

Because at the NZ Police – doing your job is optional. Breaking the law is free.

You can check out the original KGB report by clicking HERE.

Please do make a submission

Feedback closes at 5pm on 16 May 2018.

Insist that Police obey the law. Insist that Police leave us alone and target the real problem. Suggest that they may want to actually SHOW up at the crime scenes of stolen guns and then they may get convictions above the 8%.

Then perhaps they could encourage our counts to actually punish those found WITH our stolen guns?