We would wait for annual leave to drop this horror as well.

So after ten months of demanding answers – here we go:




So we have only just had Police confirm an inexcusable failure in how they handled 29 known LOCAL gang members possessing firearm licences.

Who went on to commit gun crimes.

Now we find that thousands more who committed crimes in Australia, were then also given licenses.

NOTE!!! This only covers deportations!

There will be many, many more.

Our worst case involved a vicious criminal who volunteered to come back to New Zealand. With over fifty convictions. He was given a license and went on to sell an armory of weapons to our gangs.

If customs and immigration services can search for the criminal records of EVERY applicant – then why cant NZ Police?

We called Auckland Central Police to ask the process. They passed us around for an hour and then cut us off.

Useless. Absolutely useless.

Management of the Arms Act now MUST be taken from the Police.

Their incompetence is beyond dangerous and has been for decades.