Another issue of the Police Association newsletter – another lie about gun crime.

Here is the latest offering:


Gillespie is their pet shill. Their creature. They tried to insert him into the development of the nation’s gun policy at the last Law and Order select committee.


Their trickster lives at the University of Waikato. Click the image above for more information. This is the same guy who claimed that one in ten New Zealand firearms were lost and 25,000 were now in the hands of criminals.

So what is the truth of the latest Police Union claim?


There. The figures are corrupted by yet more incompetence from the NZ Police.

So these liars KNOW that what they are claiming is utterly untrue.

Yet they both persist in selling the lie to sell their greater agenda.

Cahill is a disgrace to the Police. Gillespie is a disgrace to academia.

If you care to make your feelings known to the latter’s employer, then here are the contact details:



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