One of our readers has just informed us that their ‘A’ Category security was declined by Police earlier this year. The inspector was from the Morrinsville Police.

This is what they had:051043-gun-safe-5-gun-economy-twin-key-a-cat-best-seller-181661

It is still marketed by Gun City.

Obviously this ‘Best seller’ meets the simple standard of ‘Locked away’.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has written to Wellington Police HQ and asked that they confirm in writing for the shooter involved that this is indeed more than is required.

Further, that they tell us what disciplinary action has been taken against the inspector who acted outside of law.

They ignored both requests so a complaint has been laid with the IPCA.

Another reader just informed us that their identical safe was also declined two weeks ago. Only later allowed when he agreed to put a bike lock through the triggers.

This time in Oxford, Canterbury.

Where is the consistency?

Why are Police STILL acting outside of law?

Again, management of the Arms Act needs to be taken from the Police. Their incompetence is now too well established.

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