Many control freaks want us to bring our gun laws ‘In line with Australia’. You know, those failed ones. With the resulting massive gun crime and massacres and terrorism and their Police now needing assault weapons to keep up.

Oh the success.

In the meanwhile our Police cant even answer many of the simple questions that we put to them. Because they don’t collect the data. When Australia does.

How can we build a picture of the problem that we face, then find solutions, when the Police are this hopeless?

Australian Police admit that there is a huge problem with both ‘Junk guns’ and gang manufactured firearms. They put the rate at 10% of all guns encountered as being home made.

The Kiwi Gun Blog wanted to see what the rate in New Zealand was.

We know that improvised firearms of all types have been used by criminals here. But how prevalent are they?

Here is the (Very late) Police reply:

no clue

So… no idea.

Thanks team.

The same goes for questions like this:


Another very late reply. Won’t answer. ‘Records not held’.

Of course nobody would remember the ‘elite’ Police response team closing a range after machine gunning the roof.

Again, the management of the Arms act needs to be taken from the Police and given to an independent department, under oversight, that can actually do the job.f3