Massey University is pushing the anti gun agenda once again.

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Our Changing World – Mass Shootings and Gun Control

  • Tue 3 Jul, 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Old Museum Building – Massey University, Buckle St, Mt Cook, Entrance D, Wellington Show map


All Ages

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  • Free Admission

To outsiders, you might think Americans shooting each other is a national sport. In reality, it is a complex mixture of cultural and sociological traditions. Last year America had almost 30 firearm deaths per million people, while New Zealand had 1.6 and Australia had 1.4.

While in the USA on a sabbatical last year, Dr Strong discovered a pressing problem was the number of people “packing” – having a license to carry a concealed weapon, including to church, shopping, and parks. Her informal survey of 100 people in four states about their “right to pack” elicited interesting results, especially when compared to New Zealand.

Dr Catherine Strong is an experienced journalist and communication manager who lectures on these topics at Massey University, having worked in several other countries. While recently in America exploring journalism issues, she analysed the regularity of mass shootings and its impact on people’s daily lives.

Dr John Battersby is the NZ Police National Intelligence Centre Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Massey University, Wellington. John spent ten years with the Treaty Issues and International Law Team at the Crown Law Office and produced several reports for the Waitangi Tribunal on conflict, confiscation, race relations and colonial security topics.

John has published on aspects the New Zealand Wars, post-World War II security policy and the impact of modern terrorism in Australia and New Zealand.

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Left hand side of Old Museum Building
Entrance D off Buckle Street
Massey University
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Presented by: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Catherine Strong

Dr John Battersby


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