We asked the Ministry of Justice just how many criminals were repeat offenders when it came to threatening Police with firearms.

We know that a relatively few recidivist criminals are responsible for the vast majority of gun offending in New Zealand so wanted to see if this was also the case here.

The response received today shocked us.


Why is the crooked Police Union silent?

Their president told us that the Union understands that the Labour government will not jail criminals. So they simply won’t ask for it.

This is insane.

How can there now be ANY doubt – ANY debate – on where the issue is?

We MUST target criminals to make assaults on Police unthinkable.

The fact that more than 50 criminals have done this repeatedly is a national disgrace.

The fact that one scumbag is going for ten separate convictions for this most serious of offending is beyond belief.

But when the last career gangster shot at Police, with an illegally imported gun, while absconded from his last non custodial sentence, our gun laws were supposedly to blame?


We at the Kiwi Gun Blog sincerely doubt that many lawfully owned firearms are represented in the figures above.

The criminals are the problem – address the problem.