This would seem to be a simple question.

Yet Police refuse to say what law changes they have asked the Police Minister for.

You would think that this would be a simple matter. THIS is what we want. THIS is the evidence for the need for such changes.

But no.

Here are the Police recomendations:


Here are the proposed next steps:


Completely redacted. What an insult. Soon the ‘consultation with shooters’ will come. This involves Police simply telling the ‘Advisory’ panel what is going to happen.

The Excuse for the secrecy?


Why would this need to be confidential?

You can download what we Do know below:

#06 SIGNED Arms Act Administration – Redacted

Remember this as you visit the McIlraith national tour in coming days. Where he listens to our feedback. Right. How can we give feedback on what he is hiding?

The first meeting in Wellington was conducted more like a time share sales event. With the crooked Police Union monitoring proceedings.

We CAN see that Police are claiming ‘loopholes’ in legislation. Including the ‘interchangeability’ between ‘A’ and ‘E’ category arms.

Claims that deaths have resulted ignore Police incompetence in these cases.

Police also want to target any firearms manufactured here and other assembled / modified with parts.

Fees will be raised for every license and service!


Here is the Police wish list.

Noting items that have been rejected by previous governments.

How can you only be sold ammunition appropriate to your license? The ignorance! 9mm is a pistol round AND an ‘A’ category rifle round AND a ‘E’ category rifle round AND would also fit a ‘C’ category.



Our government should be transparent.

NOT work against our interests in the dark back rooms.