Once again the Police involved in management of the Arms Act are shown to be the retarded cousin of every other government department.

They let Australian criminals come here – with over fifty convictions – and then give them gun licenses as ‘Fit and proper’ people. Because they don’t data match with our neighbour.

ONE of those scum went on to sell a local gang $50,000 of criminally modified guns.

The media blamed shooters for poor record keeping.

Years after this horror we FINALLY made the Police admit that they don’t even have a policy in this area.

Its in development.

We know that AT LEAST 1,132 such criminals have been given licenses to acquire arms in New Zealand. Dozens going on to offend with those guns.

This number only includes those who were deported from Australia.

Mike McIlraith, the top cop for gun management in New Zealand wont even discuss the matter.

So we asked how customs do it.

Here is the reply:



Assuming that there is not an even simpler system to be had – why don’t the Police do that?


Why are the Police always ten years behind every other government department?

Before they increase our fees they had better up their game and earn them.

Or better still – government should take responsibility for managing the act from them.

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