So just how much of a problem are ‘cut down’ firearms?

Here are the facts:

cut down.PNG

Now assuming that Police record keeping is actually uniform and accurate – there is a growing problem with criminally modified firearms being discovered in the hands of criminals.

Such cut down shotguns and .22 rifles have always been the main problem.

But scum found in possession of them are given community detention.

As the Kiwi Gun Blog have previously reported – many criminals are found repeatedly with illegal arms and nothing of consequence happens.

So what DO the Police do?

They change their written policy and make many lawful owners overnight criminals because their ‘E’ category rifles are now measured in a new way. With the stock folded rather than open. Because this could lend itself to criminal use. Even though such arms are never seen in crimes. Ever.

Once AGAIN it is shooters punished for nothing while criminals escape punishment for being the actual problem.

 This must change.

Oh and lets not forget that many of these recent records will be from the criminal with over fifty convictions that Police gave a gun license to. He went on to supply $50,000 worth of guns to gang members after having cut many down for criminal use.

Thanks Police.

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