Another day – another pathetic firearm sentence.

For a guy who has the Mongrel Mob dog as his Facebook profile picture.


Police claim that they need to increase our license fees.

We are pretty sure that actually JAILING gun criminals would save millions in unnecessary future trials simply through crime prevention.

That, combined with the additional millions saved from not needing to treat their victims in our hospitals, should cover the shortfall. Regardless of mismanagement.

But here is a better way.

Stop the insulting random checks.

Stop ten year renewals and return to the lifetime license.

The most senior of Police have admitted to the Kiwi Gun Blog that they simply serve no purpose.

Lets look at the stats:


So a quarter of a million shooters are responsible for less than forty breaches of the Arms Act. Tens of thousands of shooters in Auckland did not produce a single offender. Likewise in the Waitemata district.

One is too many but…. It is clear that we are nothing close to a serious issue.

Now how many of these resulted from random checks and renewals of license?


We assume that Police did not simply ignore the third question and that this was folded into the first answer.

So of all the checks performed – thousands – and all the renewals – millions? – Police can not point to a single result.

Despite literally 1 in 100 gun crimes being committed by licensed shooters – problem shooters exist. They come to the attention of the Police. But never through random checks or renewals of license.

Likewise – the Blog has proven that nothing of use comes from register checks. There has never been an audit of this system’s gross inaccuracy. Despite Police being aware of the issue. Don’t expect one either. McIlraith told the Blog that he was simply too busy.

Law changes should reflect reality.

So should Police policy.

Lets save some money.


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