The Kiwi Gun Blog heard a story that the nation’s rudest Arms Officer had managed to accidentally discharge a firearm inside a Police station – yet still miss the building. 

Neat trick. He had apparently managed to put the shot through a window – threatening the life of anyone passing.

Now the blog have reported previously on the Police repeatedly shooting their buildings, cars, planes, etc. But this sets new standards in incompetence.

We asked Police if this could be true.

They denied it ever happened.



Yes THAT McIlraith. The man who just finished a nationwide tour promising transparency.

We applied for the information again – informing them that our information had come from local Police.

They delayed. Insisting on an extension for no genuine reason. Ignored complaints about this and then……




So the ‘Information could not be found’.


Does anyone reading this believe – for a second – that the arms section is unaware that an arms office SHOT OUT A FUCKING WINDOW WITH A FUCKING GUN?!

But lets assume the impossible – That they didn’t.

Surely part of an investigation into the serious allegation would involve calling the arms office involved and ask them something along the lines of DID YOU SHOOT OUT A FUCKING WINDOW AT A FUCKING POLICE STATION WITH A FUCKING GUN?!

Is THIS the level of Police investigatory skill?

These communications and bare faced lies are just another example of the complete contempt that Police have for the nation’s shooters.

The Blog have made a complaint to the IPCA and informed the Ombudsman’s office of this ongoing deceit.

Now for the important bit….

How many Police displayed appalling firearm handling in this case?!

The firearm was not checked at ANY stage of processing. Putting lives at risk the entire time.


Part of EVERY Police officer’s training must include the basic skills of identifying a weapon and having the ability to render it safe.


The Kiwi Gun Blog then asked Police how many other cases there had been.

We received this reply:

arms officer shoot

All firearm discharges must be recorded and those records must be kept. They are the Police rules.

Or do the rules not apply to our Arms Officers? Those who judge us.

So now we know that Police will simply withhold information – or simply lie – until the details that they should give US are actually put to THEM.


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