The Kiwi Gun Blog have reported previously on the Police giving Trademe our data. Who then gave the details of thousands of shooters to a prisoner in a cell.

The Privacy Commissioner was not interested in our concerns.

Trademe refused to say who had access to the data now.

With the new licensing system the AA have our details – as the Post Office have for a while.

What other un vetted people have access to the information that the gangs want and will pay for?

We asked the Police. Here is their reply:


This from Mike ‘Transparent’ McIlraith.


We KNOW that our private data has already been compromised.

But is our data at risk in other ways?

We cant say because… Police.

What is worse? A world where they wont tell us the truth or cant?

So they admit to having ‘formal arrangements’ – but forget who with?

We have complained to the IPCAOmbudsman and Privacy Commissioner.

Responsibility for the management of the Arms Act needs to be removed from the Police.

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