The Kiwi Gun Blog were disgusted to see this media report:


Another gun criminal, with criminally modified weapons and a highly restricted firearm, given home detention.

We asked Police why the exotic firearm had been destroyed – rather than returned to its registered owner. Here is their reply:



We have asked McMahon how Police could not have this information – given that their job is to prepare the case for the prosecution. WITH this information.

How could they not know the type of gun that the offender was being prosecuted for? When the media did? Because they told the media.


How could they not know its legal owner as this firearm type is registered?

You know – the registration system that prevents crime…..

More contempt from the Police as they refuse to release the information that we need to understand the real picture of firearm offending in New Zealand.

What are they hiding? If this gun was smuggled it makes a laughing stock of their narrative that guns stolen from lawful shooters are the issue.

We also asked how many of the unusual SP5 firearms have been imported into New Zealand. Because getting information from the Police is like a game of ‘Guess Who’. Perhaps that response will answer our question.

Hey McMahon – does the gun have a beard?

We finally received this reply:


Its like pulling teeth to get the facts.

We have asked the Police if this was the gun involved in the story.

We are also waiting for a reply to questions concerning this case:


Were the firearms involved imported legally?

Police are AGAIN overdue in their reply. They treat the Official Information Act deadlines as general starting points.

We also had no reply to calls and emails to Sergeant Small.

What are the Police hiding? Why wont they just answer these questions. Where do these guns come from?

One of our readers who is also following the case sent us this reply:


Were the serial numbers removed? Never there? What do they mean ‘Partially’? They could not be imported if their numbers could not be made out. Certainly not registered on a lawful owner’s E category license.

Was the ONE legible number imported legally? Either way this just goes to prove the utterly useless concept of gun registration.

It is impossible to determine how criminals get restricted guns just from official data:


Once again, Police record keeping is so appalling that we simply can not know if such arms are stolen or imported or made by sawing off a full length gun. Or if large numbers are collections taken from lawful owners, only to be later returned.

We DO know where the real problem guns are:


How can Parliament respond to an unknown situation?

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