New Zealand has had guns in schools with cadets since 1864. Over 150 years. With no issue. It is the oldest youth service organisation in the nation.

So Education NZ are here to fix that.

Today the released their final GUIDELINES to demonizing firearms in schools.

If the defense force or Police visit a school – the kids cant touch a firearm. In case they smile.

We called the Ministry to discuss the matter – but nobody was home. At all.

We finally got a call back from a stroppy media spokesperson who claimed that THIS media report was wrong and we should read the guide before bothering them.

The GUIDE confirms this. Page six.

Ministry deputy secretary Katrina Casey said: “We do not support unsupervised access of firearms in schools”.

Well no. That would be illegal.

We asked why the ministry would lead their press releases with such nonsense framing of the subject. They claim this was because some had accused them of that.


More thought control from the leftist agenda. Guns are bad – now choose from the 78 gender options.

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