The Sunday News managed to write a nearly seventeen hundred word report on the criminal misuse of guns – without mentioning punishing criminals. Despite them being literally 99% of the problem (Police figures).


The article does mention a Tribesmen gang member accused of killing fellow gangster with an AK47. Yet they leave out that previous penalties for possession of just such a weapon were community service.

They mention the number of firearms stolen each year without also mentioning that the Police end every year in credit for recovered arms? Or that only 8% of these thieves are ever found. Because 12% of the time Police don’t even attend the scene, or do so days later, or by phone.

Oh and IF a judge actually does hand them a pathetic sentence then STILL less than 10% will spend a day in jail for that offending. Because of concurrent sentencing.

Interesting how the Police briefing to the Minister included the tragic murders of Quinn Patterson but left out the fact that Police visited the property of the vicious criminal and found that he had literally built a gun range there. They took no action and people died.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has made clear to the paper that shooters are sick of being the scapegoat for spineless politicians. For a crooked Police Union and for an incompetent Police service. The latter losing 25,000 shooters from their records because of a ‘bespoke system’.

ONE offender has 46 separate firearm convictions. Over fifty have been convicted of threatening Police with a firearm more than once. One offender has nine convictions for this. Another has nine separate convictions for possessing an illegal firearm.

Our worst gun theft was perpetrated by an offender serving a non-custodial sentence for their LAST firearm crime. Fully 9% of our gang members have been charged with five or more firearm offenses.

But lawful sport shooters are the problem? Really?



It is interesting to see that the police union have now dropped any pretense of consideration when it comes to MSSA rifles.

Cahill: “MSSAs are not needed, these things are designed to kill people. I don’t know of any Olympic event where they shoot AR15s.

So the Police want to register every semi auto and the Police Union want to ban them outright.

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