The Kiwi Gun Blog are constantly chasing broadcasters and print media to be accurate and unbiased in their reportage of firearm issues. 

But we received two responses to formal complaints today that we would like to share with you.

The first is from the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Remember the cop who lied, in writing, to several shooters about the AR15s left on the lawn?

Then we found the email exchange of him colluding with the Police armorer to mislead us all?

Well here is the punishment:

“It has been agreed that Police should contact you to apologise for not providing you with the correct information when you made your initial OIA query”.


We expressed our shock to the authority at the brutal disciplining…..

What a joke.

There is NO accountability for Police abuse in their mismanagement of the Arms Act and the responsibility needs to be stripped from them.

But this was just the warm up for the latest Broadcasting Standards Authority reply.

Radio New Zealand’s Morning report had claimed a 35% increase in gun theft.

The Kiwi Gun Blog did the fact checking that the 35 million tax dollars a year empire could not be bothered with. It turns out the lie was based on the figures presented in the report below:


As you can see by the Police disclaimer – it is pure fabrication.

The Police state this in plain english.

As previously discussed – we don’t expect journalism anymore. Its dead.

But when we GIVE THEM the information….. Should they not then retract?

Perhaps undoing a LITTLE damage.

The defense of this fake news was that the report was short. So you can lie in those.

We are not kidding.




We phoned both RNZ and BSA to discuss the matter. Both promised to return our calls but did not.

We have suggested to COLFO that this may be a suitable case to take to the high court in appeal.

It is just indefensible. Not remotely acceptable.

Should we win – such a public shaming may help to get us a fairer deal in the future.

Oh and part of of the BSA’s defense against our claims of unfairness to shooters in the report was that a COLFO rep was interviewed to give our side of things.

But they then declined the complaint because….. shooters are not a group.

They need to pick one.

Feel free to let these people know your thoughts:

Chief Executive – Broadcasting Standards Authority

Head of news and digital – Radio New Zealand

Griffyn Gully – Davies


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