So the University of Canterbury is hosting a visit from American anti gun activists.

Oh and so are YOU:


Air New Zealand also supported the trip.

Oh and why spend our money on educating OUR kids…..



“Developing global citizens”.


The group also met the Governor General. Her office insisted that the group was not political. Despite its sole reason to exist being an anti gun campaign.

Now we knew that the American Democratic Party would be involved somewhere.

Sure enough…

The event was organized by a friend of the Governor General.

The wife of the last American ambassador to New Zealand – under Obama.

America needs to get out of our politics.

It was ‘Democrats Abroad‘ who organised our kids to walk out of school to protest guns. The local organizers were trained by ‘UN Youth‘ and the local lawyer for those democrats…. was a Green Party candidate.

The connivance that we face is quite extraordinary.

Now they are making US pay for it. Again.

(Note the UN link: “From encouraging nations to keep firearm registries to…”)

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